Have you always wanted to set up your own backyard flock, but aren't sure where to start? The Wooly Pig is here to help! We offer a consulting service where we walk you through the whole process - from building your coop, setting up your brooder, selecting your feed, and getting your birds! Please contact us for more information.


The farmers at The Wooly Pig would have never made it this far alone. We have had many dedicated teachers over the years that have shared their knowledge and expertise with us. It is important to us that we pass all that our mentors have shared with us on to other interested members of our community.

Scheduled Educational Events:

Do you want to learn how to raise your own flock of chickens, ducks or geese? Please come see us at the New Haven Free Skool this March for our 6 week Backyard Poultry Raising class. It's FREE!

If you would like farmers from The Wooly Pig to share what we know at your school, community center, or at a special event, please contact us. We feel it is our civic responsibility (and our pleasure!) to give back to our community any way we can.