Wooly Pig Member Share.

The Wooly Pig is super pleased to announce our 2013 MEMBER SHARE option! For a fee of $300, members will receive two organically fed, pasture raised chickens every month, June to November.

Chickens will be available fresh for pickup on and shortly after processing day, or can be frozen. Each bird comes vacuum-sealed in freezer safe packaging so that they can be enjoyed at our members' convenience.

Joining a member share is the BEST way to help support sustainable, community agriculture because it allows local farmers to plan in advance exactly what we need for the season. It is also a fantastic way to guarantee that you and your family have continuous access to healthy, humanely raised poultry all season long.

Connecticut member pick-ups will be scheduled for once a month at BittaBlueFarm in Killingworth, and Brooklyn, NY pick-ups will be scheduled at a conveniently located facility to be determined.

To join our member share, please fill out and submit our order form. We are limited to 25 shares.